After nursing for nearly 40 years I thought that my bad back was just wear and tear that I would have to put up with. I have had a course of treatment with Claire and I can now sleep comfortably and realise that I do not have to “put up with it”. Many thanks Claire! Polly, Nurse

The hospital said that the only way to be free of the constant pain that my prolapsed disc was causing was surgery. In desperation I contacted the Wells Road clinic which had been recommended by a friend. I started treatment with Claire and I have never looked back. When I first attended, sleepless nights and constant pain and discomfort had become part of life. I haven’t taken a painkiller for my prolapsed disc for almost 5 months now, and I put this down to the treatment that I have received with Claire. The treatment has transformed my condition. Whilst not cured the discomfort is now minimal, and I haven’t taken painkillers for over 5 months. More importantly, I have not had to endure needless surgery! Kindon, Asset Manager


Claire is excellent. Professional, knowledgeable, highly effective and makes you totally confident in her. She has used an extensive range of techiques to get me out sailing again. After just 5 sessions, I feel like a different person and I can do things I haven’t been able to do for well over a year.Very highly recommended. Emma, Teacher


For a long time now I’ve suffered with back and shoulder problems. I’m a tree surgeon so my job is very physical and I’m prone to injuries. I really can’t recommend Claire enough. Since seeing her my back and shoulders feel 10 times better and I’m no longer in pain when doing heavy lifting or climbing in my job. Mark, Tree Surgeon


Since visiting Claire at Queen Charlotte Street Osteopaths to rectify an old back injury my running pace has subsequently improved enabling me to run further and faster over a longer period.  The practice is very welcoming and professional I would highly recommend Claire to anyone looking for an osteopath. Andy, Project Manager


I was referred to Claire at the beginning of 2012 for consultation in her role as a naturopathic osteopath.  I was confident that as a member of the Wells Road Osteopathic practice she would be a highly trained professional and have been impressed beyond measure with her skill, kindness and empathetic approach.  I came to her with an array of aches and inflammation including heartburn and various pains in my joints and muscles, and a lack of confidence in the condition of my body.  At 69 it might be said that these maladies are to be expected but I wanted to improve what could be improved!   Claire looks at the whole person and saw a way through my complaints. She made many positive suggestions to build health from my inside out. Initially I was a bit daunted by the list  of foodstuffs to either eat less of or not eat at all but I gradually embraced her suggestions and now find myself with so much more energy than I have had for many years and feeling really well. I only wish I had been braver to take on all her recommendations at my first consultation! With progression to osteopathic treatment my shoulders, hands and neck are so much more comfortable and importantly, any further strains that occur seem to repair far quicker than before.  Claire has always been so encouraging, giving me confidence and ready to rejoice at the progress I have made. Sonya, Retired


I had extreme pain in my lower back. Meeting Claire she made me feel relaxed, comfortable and was someone who understood my pain. After my first session I left the practise feeling like I was walking on air! I wanted to skip! A big grin on my face! The first time in a long while I was walking without anguish! Thank you Claire! Sandra, Credit Controller


I went to see Claire with ongoing migraine problems and was very impressed with the assessments – much more thorough and informative than any other I had received for the same complaint. The treatment is effective and I am made to feel very comfortable at all times. Claire not only sorted out my migraines she has also worked wonders for my back, which was in spasm and has put me on the road to recovery. She has gone over and above by showing me exercises, helping me lose weight and become fitter. Claire is a natural listener and has been meticulous in gathering information about my symptoms before treating me using a variety of methods according to my need. Her sympathetic approach, professional expertise and commitment have inspired confidence in me as a patient and have resulted overall in a considerable and lasting improvement in my condition. Claire listens to you and gives you the advice you need AND she will provide dietary supplements and meal plans,…..best osteopath that I have ever seen! I would strongly recommend Claire Sutton as I have done too many of my friends and family.  Gemma, Office Manager


I have received treatment from Claire over the last year and I have always found her to be professional and extremely supportive. My initial reason for attending was a sore neck and pains down my arm but during the consultation, Claire took a detailed history and she picked up the fact that I suffered from migraines since I was 15/16 years of age. Claire helped me to understand that I had in some ways got use to living with 3 to 4 migraines a month and sometimes one per week but it did not have to be like this. Through treatment involving various techniques Claire has successfully stopped my migraines. It’s amazing to be migraine free and I had not really appreciated until then how exhausting these had become. I am so pleased that Claire took such a detailed history and that we were able to put a programme together to find away of sorting out the migraines that were really having an impact on my life. I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Claire to anyone who may need treatment. Dawn, Social Worker


After 12 years of various treatments and tests I chose to seek help from an Osteopath finding Claire was truly the definition of serendipity. I always feel very relaxed and comfortable during the session, and never feel rushed or conscious of being there.  She has a very easy manner and is a great listener, and I have been endlessly impressed with the way she gathers information so she has the full picture of my medical history and also ensures that she is aware of what my GP and other specialists are recommending and doing. We always discuss any changes to my symptoms and every session is tailored to address the specific issues I have at the time.  Along with the Osteopath treatment I also have acupuncture, which I have responded to well. Claire has also given advice on healthy eating, vitamin supplements and general health which has been very useful, and goes to show her training and experience is about the whole body and general wellbeing, and not just a specific pain or injury. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough, and am sure anyone visiting her would echo my feelings and thoughts on her.  I only wish I’d ‘found’ her years ago! Trisha, Teaching Assistant